Glitch 1.0

Mario-style platform game for your phone


  • Fun, retro graphics
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Fiddly to control

Not bad

If you're a fan of Super Mario-style platform adventures then here's one you can play on your way into work.

Glitch is a game that features "a cartoon character trapped inside a video game". Personally, I've never seen any shows with him in it, but he seems a cute enough little guy. Apparently he's lost his memory in the digitalization process that took him into the video game. And guess what? It's your job to help Glitch get back his powers of recall.

It's a wonderful premise for a game, but sadly Glitch is nothing more than an average platformer. It has all the hallmarks of those 90s 8-bit classics like Mario, Alex Kid, Wonderboy, etc., with fantastical scenes, strange enemies and treacherous jumps. I'm sure Glitch would be great fun on the NES or the Master System, but it simply doesn't play well on a small screen device. The controls are very fiddly and the small graphics strain your eyes, so it becomes a bit frustrating.

The introduction of an online high scores feature helps to increase the longevity of Glitch, but the game still does get pretty monotonous.

Glitch is good for a sharp burst of 80s platform game fun, but it's not one you'll want to keep on your phone for long.



Glitch 1.0

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